Managing contracts and corporate operations

Once a business has been launched, it develops by entering into contracts with third parties, whether they be customers, partners or suppliers.

A company must therefore be able to manage its contractual relations with its customers, in particular by ensuring that the latter have all the necessary information on the goods or services it provides, but also that they are able to honour its invoices.

With regard to its partners or suppliers, the company must be advised and informed about the nature of the legal links it creates on a daily basis and which bind it.

Finally, with regard to its future clients, the company must ensure the consistency of its approach and the information provided to prospects.

EXILAE Avocats is available to companies in all these situations and many others: our lawyers and legal experts advise you, accompany you and assist you in all phases of contractualisation of the life of your company, in order, in the end, to ensure the best defence of its interests. 

Practice areas

  • Provision of services
  • NDA
  • Licensing and Distribution
  • Commercial agents
  • General conditions
  • Commercial partnership
  • Suppliers
  • Business contributors

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