Dealing with the unexpected

In the course of its activity, it is not impossible for a company to encounter obstacles.

These may be financial, strategic or legal in nature, but if they are not properly managed, they may lead to the launch of collective proceedings in order to avoid bankruptcy.

Even if these difficulties may seem temporary and limited, it is necessary to develop effective restructuring strategies, but also to provide the manager with the best possible support in anticipating or dealing with these difficulties, while avoiding possible administrative sanctions. 

Analysing the early warning signs of financial difficulties, such as frequent overdrafts, recurrent unpaid bills, inability to pay social security contributions, or a drop in turnover, is essential. An URSSAF (French social security agency) inspection or a tax inspection may also be the cause of financial difficulties.

EXILAE Avocats assists companies as soon as the first difficulties are identified in order to implement measures and strategies to re-establish the situation and avoid bankruptcy, which would mean the definitive end of the activity. 

Our lawyers and legal experts also assist the company and the manager before the Commercial Court.

Practice areas

  • Judicial safeguard procedures
  • Judicial liquidation
  • Ad hoc trustee
  • Mediation
  • Judicial reorganisation
  • Conciliation
  • Pre-litigation and extra-judicial conciliation procedures

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