Managing conflicts

Before the Commercial Court, representation by a lawyer is compulsory for all disputes where the amount of the claims is equal to or greater than €10,000.

The Commercial Court, which is exclusively competent in certain matters, follows a specific oral procedure.

In this respect, EXILAE Avocats, a firm specialising in business law, assists all its clients before the commercial courts across France in the context of all litigation proceedings, whether on the merits or in summary proceedings, which a company may have to face.

Our lawyers and legal experts assess the chances of success for each case in order to determine the best strategy to implement, from seeking an amicable solution, to judicial conciliation or the pursuit of litigation by writ of summons before the Commercial Court.

Practice areas

  • Litigation between partners
  • Amicable negotiation
  • Litigation with non-contracting third parties
  • Recovery of unpaid invoices
  • Breach of contract of commercial agent
  • Litigation with subcontractors
  • Commercial litigation
  • Litigation with the Administrations
  • Contractual non-performance, abusive or abrupt breach of contract
  • Unfair competition
  • Commercial leases
  • Bonding of managers

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