Securing a company’s activity

Client companies of EXILAE Avocats are active in various fields: IT, luxury goods, banking, catering, construction, transport, investment, etc.

The majority of our clients operate a sustainable business. But all these companies expect their employment law advisors to provide operational, rigorous and innovative solutions adapted to their often complex and always unique situation.

EXILAE Avocats therefore assists all companies, whatever their size and needs, by practising bold and creative law, while always respecting the priorities and expectations of its clients.

This is true for collective labour relations, i.e. with the Social and Economic Committee and the trade unions, but also for the management of all the company’s monthly and annual social obligations.

Lastly, our employment law team is characterised by its ability to anticipate and highlight the human challenges faced by companies.

Practice areas

Employment contract termination
  • Dismissal procedure for personal disciplinary reasons (classification of the fault) or non-disciplinary reasons (professional incompetence, illness)
  • Management of resignation
  • Calculation of redundancy payments
  • Enforced retirement or retirement
  • Management of contractual termination
  • Management of legal actions and requests for judicial termination of the employment contract
  • Calculating the risk of industrial tribunal proceedings and provisions
  • And any other situation resulting in the termination of the employment contract
Termination of an international employment contract
  • Management of the termination of an employee's local employment contract
  • Management of the end of mobility
  • Reintegration into the French society and dismissal
Amendment of the employment contract
  • Geographical or professional transfer
  • Promotion
Suspension of the employment contract
  • Contesting a declaration of occupational illness or accident
  • Reclassification of an employee
Occupational health and safety
  • Assessment and prevention of psychosocial risks
  • Management of the termination of the employment contract for unfitness
  • Management of sick leave
Compliance of Human Resources with the GDPR
  • Advice and support on the collection, means and duration of storage of employee personal data
  • Procedures with the CNIL (Commission nationale de l'informatique et des libertés- French Data Protection Authority)
Group, company and establishment collective bargaining
  • Material preparation for negotiations
  • Advising on the company's proposals according to its development strategy and budget
Assistance in mandatory collective bargaining
  • Material preparation of negotiations
  • Management of failed negotiations through unilateral or referendum procedures
  • Innovative proposals in line with the company's budget and strategy, such as salary negotiations, anticipatory job management, professional equality, quality of life at work, soft mobility, profit-sharing agreements, etc.
Negotiation of social agenda framework agreements
  • Agreement on the frequency of compulsory negotiations, their content and timetable
  • Preparation of the informative documentation provided to each of the negotiators
Management of the meetings and expertise of the Social and Economic Committee, (CSE- Comité social et économique), and the Health, Safety and Working Conditions Committee (CSSCT- Commission santé, sécurité et conditions de travail)
  • Organisation of meetings and consultation or information topics
  • Management of the expert's field of intervention
  • Setting up and management of the central Social and Economic Committee (CSEC- Comité social et économique central)
  • Assistance with the regularity of compulsory consultations
  • Contestation of the expertise
  • Organisation of the Health, Safety and Working Conditions Committee (CSSCT- Commission santé, sécurité et conditions de travail) and management of relations with its experts
Managing trade unions in a company
  • Management of trade union presence in the company
  • Management of staff representatives' careers
  • Management of trade union communications and actions
Mastery of collective social obligations
  • Daily guidance in the application of regulations
  • Calculation and optimisation of the professional equality index and advice on its internal or external publication:
  • Health and safety at work (assessment of professional risks, hygiene and safety)
  • Preparation of mandatory reports and assessments (social balance sheet, annual report on the comparative situation between men and women, health, safety and working conditions report)
  • Optimisation of the employment rate of disabled employees
  • Anticipatory management of jobs and skills

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