Sustaining a company’s business

A company’s activity and its development depend on many factors. Employee involvement is one of them. Employment law, as a technique for organising the company, meets their daily needs. 

This is why our employment law team practises useful, essential and innovative law, assisting companies in the management of all employment issues in order to adapt to their complex economic and legal problems.

EXILAE Avocats assists companies in all their actions, whatever their size and needs, to promote the sustainability of their business and the well-being of their employees.

Our lawyers and legal experts manage both individual and collective labour relations, assisting you in the adoption of innovative solutions, in accordance with your contractual commitments, and thus in the implementation of a social strategy in line with the company’s development prospects and budget.

Practice areas

Guiding employees in their professional lives
  • Professional assessments
  • Management and replacement of absent employees
  • Preparation, assistance and support in disciplinary procedures
  • Job interviews
  • Management of the working relationship of managers and representatives
  • Management of long suspensions of employment contracts (sabbaticals, business start-ups, maternity and parental leave)
Managing employees' international mobility
  • Change of status procedures
  • Administrative regularisation of foreign employees
  • Secondment and expatriation strategies
  • Drafting of international employment contracts, identification of the law applicable to the contract
  • Verification of residence permits
  • Management of expatriation and impatriation
  • Management of tax and social security issues for employees
2.3 Managing diversity in a company
  • Strategies to promote employee diversity
  • Improving the employment rate of disabled workers
  • Management of situations of sexual or moral harassment
  • Support to achieve parity
  • Maintaining senior employment
  • Ensuring religious neutrality in a company
Determining employee remuneration
  • Fixed and/or variable remuneration policy
  • Equal pay
  • Bonuses and contractual salaries
Working time management
  • Dispensations from legal working hours
  • Management of overtime and additional time
  • Collective time schedules
  • Management of rest periods and days off, and paid leave
  • Night work
  • Training time
  • Maternity, adoption and parental leave
  • Working time agreement and modulation
  • Management of part-time work
  • Daily and hourly rates
  • Successive shift work
  • Dispensation from working on Sundays
  • Special leave (family events, caregivers, family solidarity)
Building employee loyalty
  • Implementation of an attractive remuneration policy
  • Employee share ownership and stock options
  • Implementation of the Time Savings Account (Compte Épargne Temps)
  • Establishment of a health insurance scheme, a supplementary pension plan and a supplementary insurance plan
  • Agreement on remuneration, profit-sharing and employee savings
  • Agreement on innovative participation (environmental or societal commitment of employees)
  • Setting goals and means for quality of life at work
Developing the company's social calendar
  • Definition and implementation of a social calendar adapted to the company's workforce and its conventional commitments
  • Distribution of information and mandatory and ad hoc consultations over the year in accordance with the company's strategic and budgetary objectives.
Day-to-day management of the Staff Representative Bodies (Social and Economic Committee, (CSE- Comité social et économique), Health, Safety and Working Conditions Committee (CSSCT- Commission santé, sécurité et conditions de travail), etc.)
  • Organisation of meetings and consultation or information topics
  • Constitution and updating of economic and social databases (BDES- Base de données économiques et sociales)
  • Assistance with ensuring compliance with the mandatory consultations
  • Negotiation on the content of economic and social databases
Assistance with company collective bargaining
  • Mandatory and optional negotiations
  • Advice on your proposals according to the company's strategic and budgetary objectives
  • Material preparation for negotiations

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