Starting and developing a business

Creating a company often stems from an idea, an ambition which is now time to develop. Once the entrepreneur’s thinking is complete, he or she will be able to consider the legal aspects of the project: choosing the business structure (SAS (simplified joint-stock company), SASU (simplified single shareholder company), EURL (single member limited liability company), SARL (limited liability company), etc.), drafting the articles of association, registering the company and finally starting the business.

In all these phases of reflection, the Law is part of the process and must be understood as a necessary and useful ally, but one that must be mastered as the procedures can be complex and the requirements extensive.

EXILAE Avocats stands by entrepreneurs throughout the start-up and development phase of their business: our lawyers and legal experts will advise you, accompany you and assist you in all phases of the launch and development of your company.

Practice areas

  • Creation of companies
  • Management of general meetings
  • Transfer of shares
  • Stock options
  • Drafting of associates' pacts
  • Issuance of shares and bonus shares
  • Current account agreements with partners
  • Capital increase and reduction

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