Supporting business growth

Employment law has recently evolved to better accompany the growth of entrepreneurial activity. It favours collective bargaining and the contractualisation of labour relations and thus calls on companies to rethink their social and legal relations.

EXILAE Avocats, with more than 10 years of expertise, offers its clients tailor-made technical tools, result-oriented operational know-how and a new boldness thanks to an individualised legal analysis.

Within the framework of our audits, we analyse the areas likely to generate social liabilities, with the dual objective of providing a quantified inventory of the risks that could affect the financial balance of the offer, on the one hand, and a critical analysis of the social climate, on the other.

Our objective is ambitious: to support the company’s growth through total control of social dialogue, relations with trade unions and the Social and Economic Committee, and daily consideration of our clients’ needs in terms of individual labour relations.

Practice areas

Anticipating staff needs
  • Conclusion, renewal and succession of fixed-term contracts
  • Conclusion of works or operation contracts
  • Use of wage portage
  • Management of overtime and additional time
  • Use of temporary workers
Making social dialogue a growth driver
  • Assistance in optional collective negotiations
  • Transfer of employment contracts (consultation of staff representatives of the transferring company and the transferee company)
  • Negotiation on innovative topics for the company
Adapting social obligations to a company's new dimension
  • Managing and adapting the effects of a merger or any other transformation of the company on employment contracts and the working community
  • “Starter kit”: preparation of all mandatory documents and bodies following a change in the company's workforce
  • Renegotiation of collective statutes
Acquisition or compliance audit
  • Social audits
  • Litigation risk audits
  • Evaluation of the financial stakes of a transformation operation
  • Industrial tribunal litigation risk audits
  • Takeover or acquisition audits

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